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By choosing a trip with Kootenay Backcountry Guides you are getting the peace of mind that comes with exploring the backcountry with a professional who knows how to keep you safe and show you a good time. You are getting the inside scoop on conditions, local weather, and most importantly someone who knows where the real powder stashes are.

Whitewater Backcountry

Unparalleled access, epic lines, abundant snowfall, this is what you get at Whitewater Ski Resort, world renowned for its epic terrain and 400inches of fresh. Here is a tip: all of the best terrain is out of bounds. In fact, the Whitewater backcountry far exceeds the ski hills size and amount of terrain. Most people spend the day ogling over what it would be like to get there. Here is another tip: it is not that hard to get there if you know what you are doing! Kootenay Backcountry Guides is committed to getting you there. With a professional A.C.M.G Ski Guide you are in the right hands. We live here, we put in massive amounts of time exploring and finding the goods, we have the weather reports, we have access to up to date avalanche conditions.

Why waste your precious holiday time trying to find the goods, when we were probably there yesterday? Take the safety and decision-making out of your hands and leave it to the professionals.

Kootenay Pass Backcountry

Nestled between Salmo and Creston B.C. lies a backcountry skier's paradise. Highway 3A takes you to 1785m and drops you off on the doorstep of some of the most varied and fun backcountry lines found anywhere. Kootenay Backcountry Guides have been using this place as a personal playground for the past 15 years. Why waste your time trying to figure out where to go when we already have it planned for you? Our guides are A.C.M.G. certified and have your safety as their #1 priority.

Whitewater 'Slackcountry'

Just beyond the ropes at Whitewater is a cornucopia of easy and fun ski tours. On this tour, we focus on the lines that ski back into the ski resort. We can use the lifts to re-access the runs so your legs don't have to do all of the work. This tour is for folks who are focused on getting the vertical without all of the climbing. The Whitewater slack-country is world famous for a reason.

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