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[Tom Wilson]

Course Overview:

Welcome back to the world of avalanche safety! If you’ve completed your AST 1 course and are eager to bolster your skills, our AST 1 Refresher Course is tailored just for you. This one-day field experience combines hands-on practice and online learning to ensure you’re equipped with the latest avalanche safety knowledge and techniques.

Course Highlights:

  • Hands-On Field Course: Immerse yourself in a full day of practical learning led by experienced instructors. Refresh your avalanche safety skills, practice rescue techniques, and enhance your ability to make informed decisions in the backcountry.
  • Comprehensive Online Learning: Gain access to our renowned online learning platform, thoughtfully curated by Judson Wright. This platform covers the entire AST 1 curriculum, allowing you to focus on specific lessons that you wish to review.
  • Flexible Learning: Our AST 1 Refresher Course offers flexibility. Work through the online material at your own pace before and after the field day. You’ll have continued access to the content to ensure you absorb the material thoroughly.
  • Skill Enhancement: Beyond refreshing your knowledge, the AST 1 Refresher Course is an opportunity to refine your skills, gain fresh perspectives, and strengthen your foundation of avalanche safety know-how.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Field Trip Planning: Develop the skills to plan safe and successful backcountry trips, considering factors like terrain, weather, and group dynamics.
  • Understanding the Avalanche Bulletin: Interpret and analyze the avalanche bulletin to make informed decisions about current avalanche conditions.
  • Companion Rescue Skills: Hone your skills in companion rescue techniques, ensuring you’re prepared to respond effectively in the event of an avalanche incident.
  • Avalanche Formation and Release: Deepen your understanding of how avalanches form and release, empowering you to identify potential hazards.
  • Avalanche Terrain Recognition and Management: Learn how to recognize avalanche-prone terrain and make informed decisions to manage risk.
  • Mountain Weather: Gain insights into mountain weather patterns and their impact on avalanche conditions and backcountry travel.

Dates & Costs:

AST 1 Refresher Courses will be held at Kootenay Pass.

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