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The Kootenay Backcountry Guides Difference 

Kootenay Backcountry Guides are the Kootenay’s local ski touring and avalanche education experts. Our mission is to connect you to Kootenay's local scene and provide you with a safe and fun backcountry experience.  We offer tailor-made guided ski tours or help you step up your game with our backcountry avalanche education courses. Our guides are fully certified by the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides and the Canadian Avalanche Association. The picturesque town of Nelson B.C.  serves as our launching pad to a mountain playground that is just far enough off the beaten track that we avoid the massive crowds normally associated with popular ski resorts.  Spend your days on slope exploring the backcountry of Whitewater Ski Resort, Kootenay Pass, or Red Resort and spend your nights and days off slope enjoying all of the incredible nightlife, dining scene and hot springs that the Kootenays offer.  Let us help you experience the Kootenays the way the locals do! 

Safety First But Fun Is Number One

All of your guides at Kootenay Backcountry Guides are certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (A.C.M.G.) and the Canadian Avalanche Association. We use our extensive local experience and the vast array of up-to-date avalanche and weather information to make our decisions. We carry communication systems with us, plenty of 1st aid and mountain rescue equipment, and we are trained in their use. We make group decisions and we share our decision-making process with you. 

We are just as keen and stoked as you to have a good time out in the backcountry. We will keep you entertained with our horrible jokes, epic tales of our own adventures, plus we love to take any opportunity to teach and answer your questions. We look forward to showing you around our epic backyard and sharing avalanche safety tips/resources.

Meet your guides

When you want to find the best terrain, the best lines, the best Kootenay backcountry experience, you want to find a local guide. All of the ACMG trained guides at Kootenay Backcountry Guides are from the area. They love the mountains here and want to share their passion for skiing and the Kootenays with you!

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