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Course Overview:

In the world of ski touring and splitboarding, a skill separates the pros from the pack – the ability to craft a safe, efficient, and downright awesome skin track. If you've ever found yourself struggling to blaze the perfect trail or wished you could finesse those corners like a backcountry boss, you're in for a treat. At KBG, we're your ultimate guide to elevating your skin track game, turning it from a mere skill into an art form.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Terrain Wisdom: Discover the golden rules of terrain selection. We'll unravel the mysteries of where to tread and where to avoid, ensuring you carve out paths that keep you safe and in control.
  2. Master the Angle: Setting the perfect skin track angle is a game-changer. We'll spill the beans on how to nail it every time so your uphill journey is smooth, efficient, and practically poetry in motion.
  3. Corner Crafting: Corners can be tricky beasts, but fear not! Our experts will guide you through crafting corners that are so smooth they practically glide beneath your skis or board.
  4. Corner Confidence: So, you've built a corner – now what? Uncover the tricks to navigate your creation with finesse, conquering corners like a true backcountry maestro.
  5. Micro Magic: Small features, big impact. Learn the secrets of utilizing micro features to your advantage, making your skin track efficient and graceful even in the trickiest terrain.
  6. Map Smarts: Your map is your best friend. We'll teach you how to harness its power and avalanche forecasts to choose the perfect terrain, ensuring you control the best route possible. 
  7. Spreading Out: Sometimes, it's all about giving yourself some space. We'll dive into the when, why, and why not to spread out, optimizing your skin track for a stellar experience.

Dates & Costs:

  • Course Cost:

    • $197 +tax per person 
    • Private Course: $1250 +tax (max 8 people)

  • Transportation:

    This course will take place at Kootenay Pass. Participants are responsible for transportation to and from the trail head. 

  • 2024-25 Dates:

    • Coming soon!
    • KMC Members get 10% OFF
  • Booking & Cancelation Policy:

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