• P: Alex Balcer

  • P: Alex Balcer

  • P: Alex Balcer

  • P: Alex Balcer

Course Overview:

Do you need to sharpen your snow science skills? Have you taken your AST1 or AST2 and are looking for a refresher on commonly used snowpack tests? Are you looking to learn more about how to look at the snow under your feet? 

In this one-day field course, you will learn how to quickly gather relevant snowpack information. We will show you how to effectively and efficiently use hand shears, burp tests, compression tests, extended column tests, and deep tap tests.

We also include an optional short online learning model to help you sharpen your skills before the course. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • The challenges of digging profiles, when to dig and how to do it safely.
  • The pitfalls of performing snowpack tests. 
  • How to do an extended column test, compression test and deep tap test and interpret the results. 
  • How to do hand shears and burp tests. 
  • How to look for and identify weak layers in the snowpack
  • Intermediate understanding of snow metamorphosis and how it relates to avalanches. 

Dates & Costs:

  • Course Cost:

    Pubic Members: This course is $197 +tax per person for the public. 

    Private Course: $1250 +tax (max 8 people)

    KMC Private: $156.25 (+tax)/person needs a min of 6 people

    KMC can join public courses for 10% off using your KMC discount code (must be active members)

  • Additional Costs:

    This course will take place at Whitewater Ski Resort Backcountry. We may use the ski lifts to access the backcountry for courses hosted in the Whitewater Ski Resort Backcountry. If you are not a season pass holder, single-ride tickets must be purchased on the day of your tour.

  • 23/24 Dates:

    coming fall 2024

  • Booking & Cancelation Policy:

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