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Collecting Free Info #1 Know Before You Go

Collecting Free Info #1 Know Before You Go

Welcome to our video series on collecting free information in the backcountry. 

What is free information? 

Free information is safe, easily accessible, and timely. 

#1 Know Before You Go

Exploring the backcountry in the winter is a unique experience, however there are many things to consider before venturing out of bounds. All professionals and experienced recreationists have a daily process they follow before heading out. This daily process helps them plan a great day and come home safe and sound.

Your backcountry tour begins from the comforts of your home before you step foot in the mountain. This is also the first step in the daily process - check the weather and get the Avalanche Condition and MIN reports from Avalanche Canada. You will learn more about the daily process on a AST 1 course, and practice throughout your courses/professional careers.

Visit Avalanche Canada to learn more and register for an AST course near you

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Collecting Free Info: #2 Talk To People
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