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Looking for World-Class Hiking? Look No Further Than the Kootenays

Views Mount Loki Summit

The Kootenays offer some of the best hiking experiences in the world. With stunning landscapes, diverse trails, and pristine wilderness, it's a hiker's paradise. Whether you're seeking challenging ascents or leisurely strolls, our professional guides are here to make your adventure unforgettable. Here are four must-visit hiking locations in th...

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Accelerate Your Backcountry Skills With The Scientific Method

Take Notes [Photo: Tom Wilson Media] Take Notes [Photo: Tom Wilson Media]

I have been teaching Avalanche Safety Courses for over a decade. I stumbled upon this process several years ago, which always resonates with students. Why not use the scientific method to supercharge our learning? One of the most excellent tools humans have ever discovered can be applied to backcountry skiing! This isn't a way to make backcountry s...

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7 Ways Surface Hoar Contributes to Avalanches

Surface Hoar

I often refer to surface hoar as the enemy of backcountry skiers. Most avalanche deaths in the Columbia Mountains are caused by surface hoar. "Know thy enemy" is a saying to apply to surface hoar. This article helps you understand this beautiful but deadly crystal.   Surface hoar refers to a type of frost crystal that forms on the surface of s...

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10 Essential Steps to Prepare for Ski Touring Season

Heading Up Heading Up

As the leaves change and temperatures drop, the anticipation of ski touring season and winter adventures grows. To make the most of your time on the slopes and in the backcountry, it's crucial to prepare ahead of time. From fine-tuning your fitness to embracing cutting-edge backcountry tech, this guide outlines ten essential steps to ensure you're ...

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7 Human Biases in the Backcountry and How to Avoid Them

Multiple Remotes

We all share common traits as backcountry skiers: a passion for powder, the thrill of adventure, and the challenges of navigating unpredictable terrain. But there's something else we all share—our humanity. Human biases are an inherent part of our decision-making process, and while some biases can serve us well, others can lead us astray. In the ba...

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This Is The Reason You Should Always Remember Your Map and Compass

Morning Meeting

In an era of dazzling technological advances, it's become all too easy to fall into the digital navigation trap. You know the scenario: you're gearing up for an epic backcountry skiing adventure, and your trusty smartphone, equipped with a fancy GPS app, is your designated guide. After all, why bother with archaic tools like maps and compasses when...

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Advanced Backcountry Navigation: My favorite backcountry navigation apps, and a shout out to the Old School

MAT Students using modern GPS to confirm location in the backcountry MAT Students using modern GPS to confirm location in the backcountry

One of the greatest backcountry advancements occurred when the smartphone was equipped with GPS capabilities. This invention allowed backcountry users to place themselves on a map that was stored on their phones. Now many apps are competing with one another for backcountry navigation supremacy. I do not view any single app as "the one and only", ra...

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Introducing the "Backcountry Insights Blog": Your Autumn Reading Companion

Larches in Monica Meadows Larches in Monica Meadows

Ah, fall – the season of crisp mountain air and recent rainfall. It's a time when my thoughts inevitably turn to winter. I can imagine you, too, are deep in dreams of light, fluffy powder on pristine mountain slopes, eagerly anticipating that first snowfall while staring at your skis or boards. This autumn, I've made the decision to write a series ...

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