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Collecting Free Info: #2 Talk To People

Welcome to our video series on collecting free information in the backcountry. What is free information? Free information is safe, easily accessible, and timely. #2 Talk To People, Keep Each Other Safe Communicating with others in the parking lots or on the trails can help guide your day and make it safer for everyone. Sharing your plans/routes wit...

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Snowpack Update Dec 31 2022

STATE OF THE SNOWPACK UPDATE FOR WEST ARM PROVINCIAL PARK  Date: Dec 31 2022 Location: Evening Ridge, West Arm Provincial Park Elevation/Aspect: 1950m/West Sorry for the delay in getting this out - one of us has to take some time off - but back to our PSA!  The persistent weak layers continue to be a persistent issue as they can still be ...

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Traverse Tales

Join us for an evening of epic traverse tales!

Join us for an evening of epic traverse tales! Within our little local community live some everyday legends. Meet Douglas Noblet and Alex Heathcott who share a similar passion for long walks in the mountains. Douglas will share his experience of skiing the entire length of the Canadian Monashee Mountains, and Alex will share his adventure of being ...

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Spring Basecamp April 2022

That moment when the sky clears and the vistas are celebrated.

Between April 6th and 10th, we were fortunate to complete a five day and four-night helicopter access basecamp in the North Monashees with return Kootenay Backcountry Guests.   This was their second winter basecamp with us. Our trip took place in a remote valley in British Columbia that is not often visited. The remote nature and spectacu...

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